Again, haven’t been doing the weekly updates. But as a recap of the past few weeks we’ve had:

rotisserie chicken, rolls, mac&cheese, mashed potatoes
sloppy joes, fries, salad
white chicken chili
mozzarella tomato sandwiches, pasta salad
beef bourgenoin sheppards pie (leftover beef), rolls
fajitas, mexican rice, black beans
spaghetti, french bread, cheese sticks
pesto chicken sandwiches, tater tots
meatball subs
chicken pot pie
pressure cooker kung pao chicken
spaghetti and meatballs
beef bourgenion, mashed potatoes, salad
peanut noodles, fried rice, potstickers
chicken, walnut, asparagus sheet pan supper, cheese smashed potatoes
meatball sliders, salad
pasta w/garlic butter, garlic bread, mozzarella sticks
taco soup, tortilla roll ups
grilled cheese & tomato soup, salad

There are few duplicates, a few that I didn’t have written down but that’s the summary of the last 6 weeks.