last week Friday was pizza, Saturday we went to John Howie, Sunday we had 4 chicken skewers & a sausage from Whole Foods that I grilled along with some asparagus + bread (and salad for the kids)

Monday 9/5 – beef brisket (this recipe, but we won’t have it on sandwiches)

fanny farmers mac & cheese
can of bush’s baked beans

Tuesday 9/6 – taco tuesday! (first day of school!!)

Wednesday 9/7 – pasta w/tomatoes & mozarella
garlic cheese flatbread
salad (?)

Thursday 9/8 – tomato & kale quiche (have one more piecrust from last time I made quiche, and the tomatoes are starting to go crazy in the garden, plus still have kale growing)  probably using this recipe:

along with breakfast potatoes (have leftover potatoes from when made mashed last week):

maybe salad if we didn’t have it last night